V3.1.0.0 : Certificate update (only concerns Ricoh Machines).

V3.0.9.0 : Bug fixed when scanning with QuickStore. The copiers memory decreases everytime you scan with QuickStore, without releasing memory when job is done.

V3.0.8.0 : Bug fixed when browsing to a sub folder with more than 200 files and folders

V3.0.7.0 : Bug fixed when browsing to a sub folder with the "&" character

V3.0.6.0 : Bug fixed concerning personalized names in a hashtag

V3.0.5.0 : A certificate problem, can prevent QuickStore from starting

V3.0.4.0 : Detects that the conversion engine is correctly setup with QuickStore

V3.0.3.0 : Security update after Windows 10 build 1709 (fall creators update)

V3.0.2.0 : Fixed conversion problem in QuickOffice

V3.0.1.0 : Minor bug fixes, If Ricoh copier has the OCR option, Quickstore can detect it, for automatic blank page delete and PDF/A conversion, QuickStore version is shown on web interface.

2017-07 - Quickstore v3.0 is available