Successful bet for ROCHEXPO, which managed the organization of SIMODEC 2022 with Flowin5

As the bar turning sector has done for several decades, the SIMODEC 2022 trade show in La Roche sur Foron, Haute-Savoie, has resolutely oriented its positioning towards precision mechanical manufacturing.

The suppliers in this sector appreciate this strategy of the organizer ROCHEXPO, and show it. Already, the world's leading manufacturers of machine tools for precision machining, as well as all manufacturers of Swiss type single and multispindle lathes for bar turning, are registered at this exhibition, or are in the process of registering.

Coping with a large number of registrations

For its 2022 edition, registration for the show is done online. The organizers needed a solution to manage the numerous requests for registration to the show, whether they concern visitors, exhibitors, the press or VIPs. ROCHEXPO turned to SKYGED who proposed to the organizers to use the solution Flowin5. Thus, the management of registrations could be done easily via a contact form (native functionality of the software) exposed directly on the website of SIMODEC2022.

Contactless and paperless

Toujours dans une démarche de facilitation des procédés, le déploiement de la solution Flowin5 a permis au salon de gérer les entrées des conférences en mettant en place des QR Codes, favorisant l’interaction sans contact. Une fonctionnalité qui a également servi aux exposants pour scanner leurs prospectus et limiter l’utilisation du papier. 

Managing communication

As this is a trade show recognized by the professionals, it was important that the communication around it was as good as its program. A newsletter system was therefore set up thanks to Flowin5, allowing the organizers to communicate about the show in a few clicks.

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